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How much glass is too much? :]

Whoops! I accidently bought something like…. 35kilos of glass rods yesterday!!!! Whooohooo!!!

Lily from HotBeadBox is closing her glass supplies business to persue other adventures, and yesterday Lily sent out a Newsletter about the Grand Finale Sale.  Much of the glass was reduced by 50% but Vetrofond was 75% off  *gasp*.  It meant that I could buy like 1/2kilo of each colour for approx $2.50.

I dived in within minutes of getting the Newsletter and I bought a whole bunch of glass, but then a few hours later… I decided I’d be mad not to take this chance to finally get my rod stocks up and dived in for a second bite of the cherry :] .

There is a whole slew of colours I have never tried before so I decided to go for it,.. and while I was there,.. I stocked up on my favourite staple colours too.

I am so excited, and I can’t even imagine what 35kg of glass rods will look like…that’s the weight of a small child heehee.

I think it might be a while before I need to buy more glass. :]

Glass Rod Storage anyone?

Just bought another load of this nifty Glass Rod storage and got a little extra for any Aussie lampworker peeps who are wanting to top up their storage too and only need a small amount. I think they might be to expensive to ship International sorry.

I’m selling them in lots of 10 pieces (see 5 pieces in pics) and there is only 4 lots available,  so get ’em while I’ve got ’em, as I don’t think I’ll be ordering more after this lot.

You can find the listing and more information about them in my little shop on my Facebook Page here or via the direct link to the listing here .

$44 USD (approx $40 AUD) plus Shipping.

The shopping cart takes you to pay via Paypal.

Happy torchin’ :]

Wow, I'm back....

…..after yet another extended break.
‘Life’ can make it difficult sometimes to spend time doing things you would like to do, in favour of things you just ‘need’ to do. When it becomes a battle to find the time, I give up some things to take the pressure off. Last year was a biarch… no other way to describe it, but things have really settled down and the family is back on track and happy again. I think our three teens are maturing beautifully now, and life has gotten a whole lot easier in that regard.

So, I’m back at the torch again and loving it. I’ve only had a few sessions so far, but they were very long sessions and I managed to pull out some really nice beads. I have spent about a month in the studio cleaning it all up, tossing so much stuff out (old creative persuits and homeless clutter) and re-orgainsing everything else so that it flows into each work area very nicely. Now I can make beads, jewelry, or do watercolours as the mood strikes because these work areas are now tidy and ready and waiting.

I play over at Facebook every day while I’m in the studio, so come over and ‘friend’ me here.. Remy’s facebook page  .

I’m also selling my beads there as it happens :] and Etsy.

Well that’s it for now.

It’s been a while

…since I have last posted. The last 12 months have been a challenge lets just say. A constant stream of dramas and ill-health in the family has been my world and has compounded into a nightmare-ish life of what has felt like non-stop crisis management.

Last week was the first time in a long while that I have felt I was able to even think jewerly making and lampwork thoughts, and with any luck this will continue and I’ll get back to what I love doing.

Hope you’re all doing well and I miss all my friends in the jewelry and lampwork world.



Well.. today started out a bit dodgy with a headache to beat all others… but luckily I decided to try something different to remedy it and two Cold & Flu tablets later despite not having either a cold or flu,lol… the headache is gone.  

So back on track… I put in a order for some new glass,.. red, red and erm…some more red,..added a few more much needed colours and a couple of colour sample packs to fill in some colour gaps in my stash.  Received my cabochon mandrels back from their maker after he kindly made a few tweaks to them for me and just finished dipping them… and a whole bunch of other mandrels in bead release ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow…I plan to get up to the studio early before the big heat of the day and make some pretties. YAY!!

Now…off to etsy to list some beads there. Last week I listed a bunch of beads in my Artfire shop, and after I list these ones in my etsy shop… I have another bunch still waiting to be sorted as to where they’ll be listed,  and of course I’m sure I’ll have some more ready by the end of the week.

I love making beads,.. but I miss jewelry making too, so I feel some jewelry made with my beads is required, LOL.

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Listing my lampwork beads

This is a task that I never seem to get around to. I have a bunch of lovely beads that have been mounting up here, so I’ve decided to put everything else aside today and get as many listed as I can.

I’ve just started listing some of them in my Artfire shop (have about 22 beads to go at this point in time). After I’ve done these, there’s another 20 or so beads heading for my Etsy Shop.

If you like dotty…. there are some interesting dotty beads coming up. I am lovin’ the dotty atm. LOL

Carbon Scum Test

Well I continued to use my new flame setting, testing the flame for the possibility of it dumping carbon scum onto my beads, and making very subtle adjustments ‘before’ I make beads. I am happy to say I have nailed it! No more scum!!! The colours are stunningly vibrant and no longer a mystery as to how other beadmakers are able to achieve such clean colours.

As mentioned in my last post,. my flame is quite different to every picture I have seen and everything I read about how the neutral flame should look. My flame looks like what is often described as an oxidizing flame,..but I know it is a neutral flame on my Bobcat torch. All torches are different, I knew that, but I never realised that the difference was quite this big in the flame setting. My flame adjustments for years have only been slight, fearing not to veer away too far from what is recommended.

I have spoken about a little test I do to make sure there is no scum before I make beads. I do this test each time I light the torch because as you know, each lighting and flame adjustment is not exactly the same as the last. This is what I do;

When you have lit the torch as you would normally, grab a rod of light sky blue. I find this colour shows up the specks of carbon well, but there is probably other pale colours that would do just as well. You’re going to use this rod to ball up the end and pull test stringers. After you have balled up the end,.. grap your pliers and pull slowly,.. but just as you start to pull…look verrrrrrrrrry closely at the glass blog because as it is beginning to cool and go back to opaque there is a second or two where the scum specks are very visable,..but then they are really hard to see when the stringer is cooled unless you look through a magnifier. The amount of scum is significant because as you can imagine this stringer has only been in the flame for a short while,.. but a bead will be in that flame for much longer and of course receive scum deposits for longer.

If you see carbon specks in that test, reduced the gas (propane or natural gas) very slightly and retest. You will see less specks and eventually none at all. Then off you go and make vibrant coloured beads. All you have done is waste a couple of stringers, but that’s better than wasting so many beads. Eventually you probably wont be need to test, but if your colours are looking a bit off again at any time…you can always do this quick test again to make sure it’s not carbon causing the problem.

Happy beadmaking!!!